The TLV SHOW is our Main activity that is booked be most groups. During this activity, you will Become secret agents and experience a fun & fascinating journey in Tel Aviv while interacting with our professional actors!

It’s The perfect activity for Tourists, birthdays, team building events, families & friends. The activity is suitable for groups of any size, with a minimum of 6 participants

As part of the activity, you will become secret agents and embark on a fascinating journey around Tel Aviv to solve a mystery that  threatens the existence of the State of Israel. Your group will receive a map and a variety of tools to help you with the puzzles and challenges you’ll meet on the way.

Before the activity, our investigators conduct a “confidential investigation” of the participants in order to weave details from your lives into the story line. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds and your life is about to turn into a fascinating story. 

While solving the puzzles and challenges, you will meet our actors at various points around the city. Some will help you, but watch out – some will try to foil your plans! You will have to figure out who’s an actor and who is an innocent bystander. Each production consists of over 40 producers, directors and actors!

Number of participants – Between 6-700 

Location – Tel Aviv (Israel)

Activity time – 2 hours 

Minimum preparation time – at least 4 days, meaning you need to book the activity at least 4 days before the activity date you wish to book, so we have time to prepare it.
Having said that, Please try to book as early as possible, anywhere between 14 to 365 day’s before would be great. 

For more information and for booking our activities, please leave your info below or dial 074-7290739 and we’ll get back to you soon!

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