So what is TLVSHOW?

TLVSHOW is both a game and an attraction. But most of all, it’s an amazing experience!

During our show, we will turn you into secret agents and send you on a fascinating journey into the unknown.  Along the way, you will receive a variety of special accessories and you will meet our staff of actors at different locations throughout the city. Some will help, and some will try to make it difficult and confuse you. You will have to decide whom to trust and whom not to. You will need to find out who is an actor, and who is just an innocent passerby who happened to be there at that moment. 

Think about the films “The Truman Show” or “The Game”, but just in real life.

Before the show begins, our researchers collect information about the participants in order to discover details that will be integrated into the plot during the show. 

The show is suitable for anyone who wants to embark on an unforgettable adventure and take part in an experience that breaks routine, unifies groups and is also fun and unique.

The activity takes place both in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem every day of the week.


Who is the show for?

Any group of 8 or more participants who wants to have an amazing time together.

-Team building events for companies and Organizations

-Birthday parties for all ages

-Families fun day

-Bar/Bat Mitzva events

-Tourists who want to explore the city like never before

-Bachelor & Bachelorette parties.



Why should I go to the show?

This is a huge production, with 30 staff members and professional actors surrounding you, while you are the center of attention. Tens of thousands of participants in Israel of various audiences have already experienced our show and all of them are talking about an exceptional experience in its quality and originality. 96% of our hundreds of ratings in “Tripadvisor” are excellent, and we are rated as the most recommended activity in Tel Aviv.

In addition, due to the high demand, we also launched a show in Jerusalem this





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Good to know

  • For eight or more participants.
  • You can book a show for any day of the week between 9am and 8pm (including weekends).
  • The show takes around two hours.
  • Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem, you choose. 
  • Hebrew or English shows – Both options are available.
  • The show combines a tour of the streets of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and does not require physical fitness, everyone can enjoy and succeed in the mission.
  • Each group consists of 8-20 participants working together as a united group.
  • Everything you see and hear on the street during the show can be part of the plot.
  • You have to pay attention to everything that happens around you.
  • We recommend you wear comfortable shoes and clothing for walking  and bring sunscreen lotion and a hat on sunny days.
  • The show is suitable for all ages.
  • The location of the show and the meeting point are highly confidential and are part of the plot – the exact location of the meeting place will be delivered in a personal email 24 hours before the show takes place.


thank you for the crazy investment and a perfect performance

“I don’t know where to begin. The show was full of experiences and surprises, I didn’t know exactly where I am taking my employees and my self.As the show started to develop the employees opened up got excited and where enthusiastic about meeting each agent(actors).I wanted to let you know that the impact of that event is still felt in the office, we remember laughs and situations we were in. The event was diverse, new and mostly unifying!”

Among our clients