Welcome to the flashback
The experience that will amaze you from finish to start!

The new hit for 2023 from the creators of TLVshow

What the hell happened to you??

You are standing on the corner of the street, suddenly an unfamiliar figure appears and begin talking to you about a secret and expensive package that you were supposed to deliver to a very dangerous person. you have no idea what’s going on and from this point – your flashback begins.
You will find yourself on a fascinating journey around the city of Tel Aviv, trying to solve a mysterious game and figure out what went wrong and why you have no memory of what happened to you. During the adventure, you will receive a map, a variety of special accessories and a lot of other surprises that you will use to understand what happened to you!

You are the center of the plot: Everything revolves around you!

Before the activity, our investigators carry out a secret investigation on your group, in order to find out details about it that will be integrated into the plot of the game. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds and your life is about to become a thriller! ​

You won't believe how many actors there are around you... everyone is a suspect!

During the activity you will solve many puzzles and challenges and of course meet our actors at different points around the city. Some will help you and some will make it difficult for you. You will have to find out who is an actor and who is an innocent bystander.
The production consists of over 40 crew members and actors!

For more information and booking call 0747290739 or leave details and we will get back to you quickly!

What you need to know about flashback:

  • The activity takes place in the streets of Tel Aviv (in the open air)
  • Includes professional actors
  • The duration of the activities is 90-120 minutes
  • A variety of puzzles, challenges and amazing tasks.
  • Includes integrating information about the group in the plot of the activity!
  • Held in Hebrew or English, as you choose
  • Suitable for groups of 6 to hundreds of participants.
  • Suitable for any age
  • Includes soft drinks, alcohol and snacks
  • So far over 180,000 participants in Israel have gone through the original TLVshow experience!

-Flashback is the new hit from TLVshow-

TLVshow in numbers:

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Participants our loving our experiences!

Challenging, Unifying, funny - just fun!

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שאלות ותשובות

for everyone! Both for businesses and private groups, both small and large. The activity is suitable for company events, team building events, fun days, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more! You really don’t need a special reason, all you need is to be a group of at least 6 participants and choose a day and time of the week to go on an adventure!

This is a completely new plot that takes place in a different route in Tel Aviv. With different actors, different challenges, different puzzles and tasks. It is suitable for both those who have already done TLVshow and those who have not.

We have a variety of types of activities, so that everyone can find the activity that suits them in terms of character, budget and group size. Leave your details or call to get a personalized cost.

Our range of activities are suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. They are not physically difficult and take place at a comfortable and very easy walking pace on a route of about one and a half kilometers. Children over the age of 11 can go out as a group for the activity, provided that there is at least one responsible adult accompanying the group.

In the name “TLV SHOW”, the word “show” appears, but it’s really not just a “show”.
This is a challenging interactive activity involving actors, which takes place in the busy streets of Tel Aviv. As a group you will tour the city (on a fascinating route that we have prepared for you), solve tasks and challenges while the “show” takes place around you from all directions and unexpected places. The atmosphere in the activity and in the group is mysterious, challenging, tense and funny. All of this also applies to our new “Flashback” activity.

TLVShow and Flashback are not an escape rooms (although we are definitely fans of the genre) and its purpose is not only to solve puzzles and try to compete against the clock. There are, of course, similar and challenging elements, but the experience is completely different and is based both on progress along the course, on solving puzzles and challenging tasks, and on the many interactions with the actors along the way and the amazing “show” they give. Everything – to solve the mystery and save the day!

  • The activity takes place in Tel Aviv. The starting points are confidential and will be given to you by the representatives over the phone.
    During the activity you will receive drinks and snacks. It is recommended to come with comfortable walking shoes (the tour takes place along 1 kilometer at a slow and very comfortable pace). If you booked during the day, you should bring a hat, sunscreen and water.
    The duration of the activity is 90-120 minutes.

The activity takes place every day of the week and in any weather. There are dozens of groups every day, the earlier you book, the more you can reserve a day and time that suits you. We recommend ordering at least 4 days in advance, most people order several weeks in advance. As soon as you leave details we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually the same day or the next day at the latest.

Yes! The recommended minimum is 6 participants, but we also hold shows for hundreds of people at the same time! So if you are looking for an activity for for a company event for the whole organization – you have come to the right place. We also have special events that can take place in a place of your choice, for example in your offices. In addition, we also produce additional and customized experiences for special events. Our representatives will tell you everything.

The inspiration for the activity is the movie “The Game” by David Fincher, with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. who deals with a production company that creates a huge and exciting game around a man’s life, without him knowing that he is inside a game. Another film that influenced us to create our experience is the wonderful “The Truman Show”. Recently, the movie “Night in Madness” was released, which also has characteristics that remind us of the experience we create. Finally, add a touch of “The amazing race” meets “James Bond” to everything.

Simply because you will have an experience like no other. This is a very complex production, which has years of thought and development behind it. Tens of thousands of companies, organizations, businesses and individuals have gone through it and all of them point out that it is one of the most worthwhile experiences they have had. We have a 96% satisfaction rate and over 500 five-star ratings. That’s why this is probably the most worthwhile attraction in the country.

For more information and booking call 0747290739 or leave details and we will get back to you quickly!

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