Customer Recommendations:

“Thank you for the crazy effort and a perfect performance. I don’t know where to begin. The show was full of experiences and surprises. I didn’t know exactly where I was taking my employees and myself. As the show started to develop, the employees opened up, got excited, and were enthusiastic about meeting each agent (the actors). I wanted to let you know that the impact of that event is still felt in the office. We remember laughs and situations we were in. The event was diverse, new, and made us feel unified!”

“What can I say? There is nothing like it! We have been out at many activities with the office and this was the best. The actors are great; the atmosphere is exciting; and the tension in the air, the challenges and riddles are amazing. It felt like they matched up everything just for us! I warmly recommend this activity to anyone who wishes to do something different with his employees.

“I heard about the show through friends that have attended it already, and I said to myself, I must do it also. We planned a show for nine friends on a Tuesday afternoon, and it was just perfect! How many laughs, how much anticipation, so fun! A big thank you to all the staff—you are talented and terrific! I strongly recommend this to anyone who loves adventure and original attractions.”

“A great experience, challenging and surprising, that leaves all the participants with high adrenaline. We attended the show as part of a company event, and no one remained indifferent! Even the most sophisticated employees enjoyed it big time! All this couldn’t have happened without the TLV SHOW’s astonishing staff. Thank you all, we had a great time!”

“I went to the show with my husband and three other couples to celebrate his 30th Birthday. I obviously didn’t tell him what it’s about so he would be surprised. We had such a good time; I can’t even use words to describe. The show is very detailed—like everything is put together in perfect pieces. My husband said it’s one of the best birthdays he has ever had. I really want to thank you for everything.”

“A fun cool experience. Professional team; funny, and flows very well. It was excellent! Thank you.”

“To the TLV SHOW staff: Thank you. It was a fascinating, marvelous experience. A super professional crew. We were able to spend time as a whole family in great pleasure! Thank you for all your trouble.”

“A fun, astounding experience. Everything feels real. It is strongly recommended!”

“I truly recommend it! Great actors! Fascinating assignments! I just enjoyed myself all evening!”

A very unique activity, we had lots of fun!

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