2) The Game



This event will change an ordinary week in the life of the participant into an unlimited experience. This is our most sophisticated, complex event which requires cooperation from family members, friends and even colleagues of the client.

Just like in the movie “The Game” or “The Truman Show,” we create an on-going, unique, and playful experience for the client.

The client will experience coincidences and fascinating situations a long time before the main event.  All the conditions and events will develop without him even knowing that he is in the game. He will only find out the real meaning of everything at the end of the main event.

The experience comprises a few phases:

Collecting information – During this phase, in order to create a unique, exciting, and surprising experience, we need to get to know the client closely, and find out what excites him—what he likes; what’s important to him; and who the people closest to him are. The game that we build will be adjusted according to his preferences and likings.

Creating the script – In this phase, we will build the script for the game including the plot, timetable, scenes and surprises that will be waiting for the client during the months of the game.

The Game – In this phase, (where some of it will happen electronically, and some live, by stunt men and action scenes) the client will meet mysterious people; receive special clues; strange objects, messages and themes connected to the plot. This phase will include scenes that will occur in his residential area, and in his natural environment. The point of this phase is to have the client involved in the game by combining his habitat, our actors and electronic devices. As time goes by, the game is intensified until the climax, which is the final scene.

Final Phase – Exposing the game – The climax is the day it’s all revealed, and all will come together. The client now realizes that the game has been all around him, and he was actually a participant in a game that was planned for months. He will meet the actors; receive pictures and clips of events that happened around him; and lastly, there will be a final scene with all his friends and family.

The character of the event can be: thrilling, detective, horror, fantasy, dream fulfillment, nostalgic, etc.

Who it’s designed for – Businessmen, CEO’s or other Senior Managers, or premium  clients that love exceptional experiences.

Number of participants – 1

Number of staff – Between 20-100

Location – The whole world

Activity time – Depending on the event (between one day to 6 months)

Optimum preparation time – at least 3-6 months

For more information and for booking our activities, please leave your info below or dial 074-7290739 and we’ll get back to you soon!

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