EVENT INTERVENTION – Adding a buzz to your events

The participants think that they are at another routine, standard event (conference, meal, lecture,   exhibition), but soon they will receive a surprise they will not forget.

Our staff enters an existing event, and puts on bizarre scenes. We can fit into any event. We usually plant our actors at the beginning of the event, and then, with a secret signal, they break into a scene—but no one suspects them to be actors.

Who it’s designed for – Clients that are doing another activity and want to add a break in routine, a twist that will be simply unforgettable – exhibitions, conventions, orientations, lectures.

Number of participants – Between 10-400

Number of staff – Between 2-10

Location – In Israel (We also can do a break-in scene abroad)

Activity time – Between a few minutes to half an hour.

Optimum preparation time – One month.

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