Essential things to do in Tel Aviv

Best Tel Aviv attractions

So now you’ve done it. You’ve gone through every list of top Tel Aviv attractions. Checked off every item of recommendations for essential things to do in Tel Aviv. Made reservations at the highest-ranking family friendly restaurant in Israel. Listened to Nancy from your office, who comes to Israel every year, as she described in length the top things to do in Tel Aviv. You have arranged a supposedly perfect day combining something for everyone. An educational, yet fascinating historical tour of the city, something the whole family can enjoy. Memories in the making. Even the weather was surprisingly perfect. So why does the phrase “Plans are an invitation to disappointment” seem so right?

Quickly becoming one of the best Tel Aviv attractions, the kids are fighting incessantly, the grandparents look exhausted, the teenager is pretending she has nothing to do with any of you and your husband seems like he cannot believe he’s taken time off work for this. The urge to give up, go back to your hotel, fill a bathtub and forget about all these ungrateful whiners is looming. Believe it or not, despite the best planning, despite the attempt to find the top-rated tourist attractions in Tel-Aviv, or in any city, most people describe family vacations as excruciating, stress inducing and basically an on-going battle to make everyone happy, or if not happy, at least not miserable.

Thankfully, there’s a great option for an exciting, unique family activity that will not only bring everyone together, but is also an experience that will definitely make your trip to Israel one your family will never forget. Part scavenger hunt, part show this personalized, carefully planned game is truly a “Truman Show” adventure. Read more about us here, and let us make this trip the one your family will cherish.

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